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Julius Verma

 Princeton High School NJ, class of 2022

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I am a senior at Princeton High school with interests in life sciences, research, and community service. 

Research Interests and Experiments

Princeton High School

1. Conducting research on the toxicological effects of antibacterial medicinal herbs on eukaryotic cells to not only fill the significant knowledge gap when it comes to the safe usage of these herbs but also to prove their efficacy relative to synthetic antibiotics. 

Princeton University

​1. Purification,  SDS-PAGE analysis, and the denaturation studies of the his-tagged GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein).

2. DNA extraction from food sample containing GMO  components, PCR of DNA from food sample to amplify DNA for further analysis of GMO presence in sample, and DNA annealing investigation.

3. Agarose gel electrophoresis of food sample DNA PCR products to separate DNA fragments and analysis of DNA fragment separation to test for GMO presence.



Working on primary research publication and to present at various science conferences

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